Yun-guo et al. (2008) have studied the simultaneous removal of Cr(VI) and phenol in a consortium culture containing chromium reducer, Bacillus sp. and phenol degrader, pseudomonas putida Migula CCTCC AB92019. In the above study phenol was used as the sole carbon source. The Bacillus sp. utilized metabolites formed from phenol degradation as electron donors and energy source for reduction of Cr(VI). Optimum Cr(VI) at an initial concentration of 15 mg/L was observed when the phenol concentration was 150 mg/L in 60 hours under optimum process parameter of pH 7 and temperature of 30oC. Their study revealed that the toxicity of Cr(VI) had a inhibiting effects on phenol degradation, whereas phenol enhanced Cr(VI) reduction under the optimum level32 .