The ability to write an essay correctly and clearly can say a lot about a student. This little paper tells how a young specialist or student can express his opinion, reveal the essence of the problem, and how brightly, clearly, and informatively he can do it.

When we're talking about the legal usage of free essays, we should make clear what free essays actually mean. These papers are already done by someone and you can read and take ideas from them.

In general, stealing someone else's idea and passing it as your idea is wrong, it's obvious for everyone. But what if we use someone else's work as a template for our own paper? It calls fair use and is absolutely normal in academia.

What if some person helps others by sharing his work? If someone shares his knowledge and ideas, other people have all the reasons to use this information. In such cases, using free essays as examples, templates, or inspiration sources is legal. Sharing some research and educational resources is common in academic fields but only in cases when you do not claim these ideas as your original work.

What Does Plagiarism Mean?

In the dictionary, plagiarism is an act of claiming another's work as your own ignoring the author's rights. And then using this work to your own benefit.

The situation where you take any free essay as examples or inspiration sources in the process of creating your own paper, but writing it yourself is a common way of essay writing. The only thing is that you cross the line only in case you submit someone's paper as yours.

How to Use Free Essays  For inspirational Purposes 

Basically, the use of someone's scientific research is what everyone does in academia. If you use any paper word by word without mentioning the real author, you may encounter problems. This means that the author can claim the rights to his paper and go to court with it. But if you use this research as a source of argumentation in your paper, it's a common thing for every student.

While plagiarism is undoubtedly unethical or illegal, taking ideas from free essays is a smart choice. Sometimes it's necessary to do when you have no ideas what to write about in your college task.

Fair Use of Essay Samples

Essay writing can be complicated as professors in college have strict requirements regarding papers. They expect deep research on the topic in every paper. It means that the website with free essays can help you to find ideas.

Principles That Help to Work With Essay Examples:

- Essays examples exist only for research and inspirational purposes;- An essay sample could inspire and increase the depth of your research;

- While using quotes always include a link to the original source;

- Quotations and links to original sources are required if you are using such materials;

- The link to the source is also required if you've carefully rephrased the idea.

Quality Essay Writing

And now we’re going to talk about the process of writing a good essay. As a rule, an essay should be dedicated to one topic or one idea. Its volume shouldn't be large. The main task in writing an essay is to express the individual impression and opinion on a specific problem or question. However, an exhaustive answer is not required in an essay. In this paper, it’s important to write about your own reflection on what has been read, seen, or heard.

But even the supposed creative freedom of writing an essay isn't always an easy task. It probably sounds like an easy job to express your own opinion on a problem, but you need to know the process of writing an essay.

Main Points in an Essay

It's important to understand that the author, first of all, is required to clearly express his view on a specific problem, analyze it, and create conclusions. But we can say that success in writing this paper will directly depend on the quality of the theses you state, the level of your argumentation and analysis.

The quality of your paper will also depend on the quality of the literature you use. Perhaps there will not be a huge list of used sources, but if they will be directly related to your topic and have different points of view from your own, then such sources will allow you to create a high-quality and structured template for your future paper.

The depth of the author's immersion in a specific topic remains at his discretion, but it is better to cover the topic in its entirety. But you need to remember that the volume shouldn't be large.

Essay Structure

Introduction. The essay introduction should be concise and clear. Do not start analyzing the problem right away. Remember that with the introduction you should logically lead to the main part. Therefore, make it clear to the reader what you are going to talk about further. 

Main part. Expand the topic fully as you can. Do not pollute your text with unnecessary information, but also do not forget about connecting thoughts. Also, bring other points of view in the essay and express whether you agree with this or not. And if you don't agree, then you need to support your thoughts with argumentation. This is the largest and most important part of the paper. Expand your ideas by supporting ideas with arguments. Still, do not forget that you should smoothly lead the reader to the conclusion.

Conclusion. Conclusions are a delicate matter. Of course, in your general essay, you are not applying for college, but you are obliged to work out the conclusions. Take a deep breath, exhale, and be confident in your final thought. You just need to be able to defend your point of view. Whether it's an essay or a constructive argument with a colleague or friend.

It is worth editing the text in the process of thorough proofreading. Students are often overwhelmed by the fact that they have finished writing. But the time for euphoria comes only after a careful spell check.

These three parts are required in an essay. So you should consider that before creating your essay plan. 

How You Should Write an Essay

You may wonder about how to start your paper in general and what to do first. And you should know that starting your work by researching the topic is the first step. 

Start with collecting information on the topic. Of course, it's better to write about something you're familiar with. Do not ignore ideas that oppose your statements. You should mention these ideas but find arguments in favor of your thesis to show your thinking process.

By the way, it is desirable to make the thesis length no more than one sentence. Make a clear and short point and then you can detail it with arguments.

It will be easier to write an essay by creating a plan. Despite the short essence of this work, it is still recommended to outline the material, as well as come up with beautiful subheadings for paragraphs. Subheadings will be useful for the perception of your text by the reader, and it also shows your thinking process.

The main part of the text should start with the main point of the paper. This point will not only show the idea of the paper but will help you with the auxiliary parts as well. The main part must be supported by arguments and examples. Maintain the order of the outline, and in each paragraph write only one statement and the corresponding evidence.

After writing the main thoughts, you can begin to form the conclusion, summarizing the main ideas, and, perhaps, offering the reader a direction that can be developed. In this part, you need to rethink the main idea of your work from a broader perspective.

Oddly enough, the introduction to the paper should be written in the end, since it is the part where you will concretize the main idea of your paper. The correct introduction should contain a general statement, supported a question, and a small thesis or overview of your opinion on the topic.

In the end of your work, it's important to read your essay several times and check for errors. You may also read it to someone to check if the main idea of your paper is understandable.


Free essays are more effective alternatives to save time on deep research that takes a lot of student’s time. Fair use of essay samples in specific areas is legal and using it right can save you from any plagiarism problems. But you need to follow the basic principles of using essay examples avoiding any potential problems in your college papers. Essay samples are available on our website and are free to use.



Where Can I Get Essays For Free?

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Is Essay Online For Free Real?

Free essays exist and are available to any user. But you can't copy these samples completely. You can use them as templates for your own essay.

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How Can I Get Essays For Free?

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