1(i) Managerial economics
(ii) What is Managerial Economics?
In the situation executive procedure for some commerce to get a real competitive verge administration exists essential to the economics of integration. Management and economics mark hirschey forces organizations to achieve the best results and how their leaders affect the business according to Eric bentzen how you can utilize to study the values of business. Large companies and nonprofits found everywhere all for the economy any of the frontrunners of this concept sound commerce decisions helps to brand a very useful tool. You utilize a finest judgment to ensure we are in finances management frontrunners in their administrations. They may view the contribution to resolve problems. promotional strategy labor hiring and training investment and finance on the price of production organization design strategies for selecting or developing products internet products and decide resources and especially the use of at least a number of concepts and methods used to ensure the expansion of the width to give special management economics. The practical applications may include boundary examination. the companies economic study utilizing marginal analysis of the changes caused by the decisions according to the concise encyclopedia increasing the price of its client decides to purchase a product if they still do not understand can help. Economics public choice theory the conclusion of the public companies it assistances to comprehend the conduct. The basic economic concept that describes the business model of the company. Economic university concise encyclopedia public choice theory which helps companies understands the public decision-making behavior. Any theory based business model to describe the company’s business.
Game theory methods. Based customer behavior in a wide range of consumer behavior based on the groups of people surround them in their companies will help you understand how to study as a mutual company. Optimization techniques or what are the most available resources. Such as sales procedures our try to comprehend the situation otherwise future predictions. Leaders who comprehend such concepts almost realistic they will face can be applied from the financial scene.

1(iii) Differentiate between managerial economics and other disciplines?
1(iv) Relationship with economic theory
Economic theories and related management and business and the market do not effort during the main branch of the essential microeconomics how to address the interaction between the various parts of the economy. Especially next the bends are worried microeconomics theories
1 its theory
2 The theory of consumer conduct demand
3 The concept of price of productions and value concept supply
4 Theory of market construction and competition
This is the notion during the outline of the concept affairs is complicated during the extensive assortment’s theories. It is essential to treat individual elements approach consumers businesses and workers during the budget as a rational go-between along the aims as expressed in the number of utilities and profits is to be optimized in order to limit the number of certain subjects. This is a date approaches and practices are often criticized but it is protected on three grounds. This expansion often overlooked in many aspects to consider for the first imperfect knowledge danger and uncertainty for example info at the price of the most versatile and easy transaction costs into account conditions multiperiod. At this point positive values between economics and other needs to make a very important distinction. Indeed positive statements whose truth or falsehood can be verified by logic or empirical study are simply statements. Values statements involve a value judgment and cannot verify the logic or empirical study. For example compare the following two seemingly similar announcements.
1 UK income distribution inequality.
2 UK income distributions are inequitable.
A second model is the price of the first declaration was a positive one. Values statements often a means to earn a recommendation to be redistributed in the above example. For this reason they often include words or your cover. However not all such statements may enforce their actual values? For example the declaration a positive declaration in order to increase profitability company X ought to increase the situation price. Here is a different sense of the word by the law of value in the reason for all this does not mean the country. Should be an exceptional one. In practice sometimes their statement can be difficult to distinguish the two types especially if any are combined together in the same sentence. Management economics what are the link between the above studies. Indeed economists themselves often admit their scientific statements can only positive values. But the economics of a misleading impression; values statements in this really helps. First in terms of the use of market forces in order to achieve a more effective answer to reduce contamination the government should contemplate comprise the following statement. This is a values statement may sound like but it should be as described in the previous paragraph is really a word for the use of exceptions. Justice to some theory’s the operative price and the wording is carefully since it does not stipulate to magistrate the efficiency of a declaration. Of course overhead economist’s price the statements may happen for example can make positive statements. This statement in the coming decade is now the world’s governments is intended to reduce pollution by 90% should be considered. This is the true values statement. Economists letter which a price of such a strategy and a welfares will surpass prices in addition benefits estimated. This in itself is why interplanetary in addition time both above the edge of the huge of these prices and disregard a delivery policy might not be determined. In principle however the nature scope and methods 9. Both countries to reduce pollution by 90 percent and for the future generations will benefit overall policy is to show empirically rich and poor will be possible. This will not change their mind; manufacturer’s announcement will lead to understanding. Their values are forced to revalue this reason they are related to other values in the light’s financial analysis.
1(v) Relationship with decision sciences
The decision to use systematic tools to analyze the economics and management systems. As shown underneath exist the most significant facets arithmetical and arithmetical analysis optimization arithmetical approximation in addition predicting examination of danger and uncertainty disregarding and stint-price-of-cash methods they said on the commencement’s the manuscript not in isolation immediately submitted en bloc consequently these utensils in addition techniques to discuss their condition in instruction towards comprehend the link among the introduction appropriate apply.

1(vi) Relationship with business functions
All companies even if this exists not necessarily performed at the foundation of official different departments or units contain of the construction is divided into groups. Classically the units involved are:
1 manufacture and operations
2 Advertising
3 Economics and accounting
4 human resources
Everything of these functional areas specially for conditions connected tasks to be performed and can apply the theories and methods mentioned earlier. as a result a manufacture section towards the advertising section in addition in what way much to expend on advertising you may want to know what price to build a new department of finance may want to determine whether aimed at the next neighborhood to put a productivity flat and you may need to agenda the vegetable to expand volume in addition humanoid resources in the river comes sections may need to recognize how numerous persons to rental therefore they ought to be proposing to pay anything. This examination’s a certain quantity of conclusions to be comprised in this caring of analysis mentioned above comprises administration conclusions. In some zones the resolve utensils in addition techniques connecting towards an administration finances. For instance a sales director to attain the high normal of presentation will be 10 primers to inspire a salesperson. Pertinent during this case any of the values of behavioral and demonstrative sympathetic in addition application. This angle of an economists they often focus more at the conduct of customers in addition to concentration their attention once the conduct of their staffs in addition administration economics cannot ignore.