Definition Of Religion

Religion should offer multiple personal and social necessities for an individual, as well as act as a binding between a community or group of people. Religion should serve individuals to help them with the multiple questions of morality. It should also allow one to connect to the divine source in which they worship. Religion may also act as a way to bring a community or group of people together in some social manner. The idea of religion differs between cultures, communities, or even individuals. This difference in ideas may lead to disagreements in ideas, which may then escalade to something more dramatic. In all, religion should function to serve individuals and groups of people with multiple facets of life including social, personal, and moral issues without affecting the free will or lives of the people around them.

Religion should help individuals with the moral issues that they must face everyday. This may include the idea of right and wrong as well as the interaction with other religions and their ideologies. This idea may also include the idea of mortality and facing the fact that

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