The Losing Drug War

The Drug War :

There?s a war being waged in our country. A war with no definable boundaries or enemies. A war that claims a victim every minute. The drug war. With controversial legislature pending in states all across the country, there are few people without an opinion. As time progresses though, more and more people are showing their support for a smarter way of drug control, empathizing a less strong-arm approach to measure. Others hold onto the ideal that drugs are still taboo, a poison on society that must be eradicated. Evidence has shown that increased expenditures and devotion of manpower to the drug war will be ineffectual, and that the best path that this country can take is a more health oriented view.

America has a jail population of (insert jail pop here). Of these, (insert jail pop of non-vio drug offenders here) are incarcerated for the nonviolent possession of a controlled substance. These people are incarcerated for choosing to do something to themselves that the government didn?t deem appropriate. There was no crime committed against anyone, except for the accused. The government has taken it into it?s hands

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