Companies offering IT related services are expected to offer high quality, and professional services to its clients and subsidiaries due to competition and also so as to build a good reputation. Therefore, there is need to standardize and conduct frequent checks on its services to ensure they are without flaws. There a re special companies designed for this purpose. They conduct a research on the company’s operations and services offered then highlights the limitations present then finally gives recommendations on how to improve on the weaknesses. An example of such a company identified in the study is Pink Elephant.
The case study is about a company, Zurich, an insurance company that offers its services to various parts of the world. It has 60,000 employees in its branches globally and its services are also much appreciated in European countries such as Portugal, Russia, Turkey and Austria. To keep this business at peak, Zurich needs to put a lot of emphasis in improving quality of service offered and offering new solutions to customers.